Astral Connection EP (2016 expanded edition)

by Astral Connection

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Tracks 1-4 recorded December 2012 to January 2013. Track 5 recorded August 2012 and previously used only as a bonus item. Track 6 recorded August 2012 and added for January 2016 expanded edition. Track 7 recorded July 2012 and added for January 2016 expanded edition.


released August 21, 2013

TwistedshipS - lead guitar (all tracks); rhythm guitar (track 2); drum programming (track 2); production

Pale Pilgrim - rhythm guitar (tracks 1, 3-7); bass guitar (tracks 1-3)

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Astral Connection Newfoundland and Labrador

Musical musings
regarding realms
outside our
Earthly ether.

Split-up (late 2013).

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Track Name: Astral Introduction

This recording took place on Dec. 29, 2012. It's the 5th and final form a half-minute long intro that we could never quite pin down to the right sound for both of us. When I say 5th form, note that it refers to how the song, mainly the lead, is played - not the 5th recording. Well, it is, technically, but... ugh, believe me, this song has seen more red buttons than... well, this poorly thought out analogy. This version is appropriately spacey and odd, with soft underpinnings of simple bass. Read about track 6 for more info on the history of this track.
Track Name: Cosmonautical

Recorded Dec. 8, 2012, according to my computer. A fun, catchy song. If this were a big pop record rather than two 20-somethings recording distorted guitars in a bedroom with a digital studio program at the far reaches of Eastern Canada, Cosmonautical would be the single. I'd been playing bass at the time for 1 month and 1 day, which is also exactly how long I'd owned a bass. I still have that GSR200 - great budget bass. The lead work is fun, the drums are obviously programmed and the rhythm wasn't played by me, which is why it's so - you know - good. Humor aside, this is a cool track and I'm proud to have been part of it.
Track Name: Lunar Eclipse

Final recording of Lunar Eclipse from Jan. 2, 2013. A funny thing happened with the recording in which the majority of the intro audio got snipped off, leaving these 3 lonely notes hanging out in space. This ended up feeling rather perfect in its way and instead of scrapping the take, we kept it just as it is. Can't even recall how the intro went - the previous versions of the song didn't have an intro. This is the only version to include bass, though it's pretty low in the mix. For my info about this song's history, read the details for track 7.
Track Name: Solar Eclipse

This one, which is an early completion with the fewest takes, is - for all intents and purposes - a TwistedShips concoction. Date on Solar Eclipse says July 28, 2012 - wow. My involvement was as simple as listening, reading raw tab-like guidelines on a scrap of paper and throwing out vague half-baked notions, maybe one of which was useful. Ultimately, though, I found myself underpinning the lead with maybe my smoothest playing (this is far from a brag). Solar Eclipse, along with Natural Satellite, has the distinction of having an intro and outro played solo by TwistedShips. It's pretty catchy, with expectedly smooth lead work, a cool slide-to-the-left distorted riff after the first chorus and dark, raw outro that leaves an impression.
Track Name: Natural Satellite

Natural Satellite - an old demo track - was initially added to the track list as a bonus track. Nothing personal against it, it just didn't make the final cut. It had actually been intended for re-recording, but this didn't pan out and the song was ultimately scrapped and sort of forgotten. Of note is the distorted, twisting outro, completely composed and performed by TwistedShips. On the other side of the song, I actually managed to conceive the intro and was supposed to play it myself. Ultimately, I lacked the confidence and let each flubbed take get into my head. Thus, my involvement in the track is 2 minutes of my limited rhythm guitar abilities. The song itself is okay, just sort of awkward and clunky, I find.
Track Name: Astral Reprise (4th Trip Across the Galaxy)

It's nice to fancy up the name, but this is really just an earlier, simple demo of the intro from August 10, 2012 - the last demo of the intro that was ultimately scrapped in favor of the Dec. 29, 2012 recording with bass. I called it "4th Trip Across the Galaxy" simply because it's the 4th version out of a total 5 of this song. It's a simple but rather pretty thing, this old demo.
Track Name: Lunar Reversion (Cycle Complete)

This is the original demo of Lunar Eclipse and the track I'm most proud of, if I may say so. This is the song that started it all. A simple clutch of chords, thrown together on a cherry red Epiphone SG by a fledgling guitarist. Then, one of those first great moments in a young musician's life happens - a skilled player hears you fumbling around and says "that sounded pretty cool, play that again." This is the simplest arrangement of the song remaining and holds a certain weight I can't describe. After almost 2 and a half years (August 2013 to January 2016), here in the reflective mental state that cold winter brings, I'm repurposing it as the closer to the amended EP track listing. It feels right.

-Paige (Pale Pilgrim)